Bespoke Design

MichaelJohn’s bespoke service provides the opportunity to be involved in creating a one-off piece of jewellery that is designed precisely to your personal requirements. This is a great option for those wishing to design a unique piece of jewellery or for those wanting to remodel those family heirlooms.

The bespoke process starts with a consultation with the owner and director of MichaelJohn, Michael John Piercey, to discuss your design ideas and inital inspiration. Whether you have an idea or design in mind or are looking for complete inspiration, MichaelJohn can help guide you in your choices to create a beautiful pice of jewellery that is completely unique and made specifically for you. You also get to choose what diamonds, gemstone and precious metals you want.

Once we have established a design direction and budget MichaelJohn gets to work by using one of the most advanced computer aided jewellery design systems in the world. We can produce an on-screen 3D model of your jewellery and spectacular photo-realistic images of your design that allows you to visualise your finished piece well before the creation of your jewellery have begun.

We turn the final design from an intricate drawing into your exclusive piece of bespoke jewellery. It is always our aim to create something that reflects your own personal story and a special piece that will be treasured for many years, if not generations to come.

To begin creating your very own unique and bespoke piece of jewellery, call MichaelJohn on +64 21 336 723 or visit us at our Boutique store based in Matakana.

Mike’s design process is like catching up with a close friend. He is genuine, perceptive, and naturally facilitates discussion in a way that gets the best out of you. The design stepped through several iterations, each on factoring in our ideas and concepts, swiftly rendered using 3D software in near photo-quality

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