MJJ officially a family business

MJJ officially a family business

19/February/2017 by Mike Piercey

It all started with an invitation to my sister’s wedding in the UK!

Kura and I had been together for 5 years. I had made the decision I was going to propose to her while we were in Europe (she is the love of my life after all). The invitation to my sister’s wedding in the UK quickly had us planning a month long trip around Europe. We started off with seeing family in the UK, stayed with friends in Mykonos (Greece), then on to Florence (Italy) before going back to the UK to catch our flight home to NZ.

With me being a surfer, I always planned to propose on a beach somewhere but when a very good friend said before we left for our trip, “If you’re going to stay with us in Italy, why don’t you propose in our castle? I replied with, “Well, that sounds like a great plan!”

Previous conversations with Kura saying she didn’t want to get married had me feeling nervous to say the least. Regardless, I found the perfect spot in the corner overlooking the castle grounds with a backdrop of Florence, I dropped to one knee and proposed. She amazingly said yes!!! This was very much unexpected but at the same time I had the biggest grin I will ever have on my face, apart from our wedding day! And so it happened…

We were incredibly lucky to get married just over a year later at the place I proposed.

Below is our beautiful niece and flower girl, Josephine

Below is our nephew and Josephine’s little brother, Leo


The bestmen

That’s the thing, she has been a part of MJJ ever since I met her, supporting me with my crazy ideas, going through the good times and the hard times with a smile on her face. Evolving with me as MJJ grows, she has been a part of MJJ from the beginning without her knowing. Now, I couldn’t be able to do this without her.

I married my girl that didn’t want to get married in a place I have only ever seen in dreams! This experience has created the next MJJ collection 2017/18

“EVERLONG”- A real life fairy tale


Wedding dress: Nicola Dawson DesignWedding suit: Crane BrothersJewellery: MICHAELJOHN & good friend JewelcraftWedding photography: David Bastianoni