Engagement Rings

So you’ve decided it’s time to pop the all-important question or are wondering where to start – congratulations! So now comes the exciting part… the engagement ring.

No matter how long you’ve been together, making the decision to propose to your partner, is a huge step in the relationship. We are here to guide you through an exciting journey of designing one of the most important rings you will ever give to that special someone.


That being said, it’s one of the most important purchases you can ake, so feeling confident and at ease is important. Here is an easy, step-by-step guide that will help answer some of the questions you may have when it comes to buying an engagement ring, leaving you to actually enjoy the process.

How do i know what ring size to get?

If you can get away with it, try taking one of her day-to-day rings. You can either use a ring sizer to measure it or take it to your local jewellers to get it sized.

If she doesn’t normally wear rings, ask her friends or family as they may have a good idea on size. There are other little tricks we can talk about to get her ring size. We can also make it a bit bigger and resize it once the deed is done, so there should be no worries what size you make it.


Ask her friends: A woman’s best friend will always know what style or what size engagement ring she will want. Whether it’s a bold gemstone or a heart shape cut diamond, they’ll have an idea for sure!

Pay attention to hints: As friends and family mems get engaged, watch out for your partner’s comments on the rings that are given. It’s a really good way of piecing together her dream ring.

How will I know what style she likes?

If she already wears jewellery, take mental notes f what she wears, you will get a good understanding of what her style is like. This will give you some indication of the bling-scale of the engagement ring. By doing this you’ll know if she’s a traditional or contemporary bride of a girl who would want a more alternative engagement ring.

Choosing the Metal colour

Your bride-to-be’s style is the main deciding factor in the ring metal you choose. For engagement rings, the most common choices are:


The purest metal available, platinum is extremely strong and has a gorgeous white shine to it so there is no need for coating. Women who like stunning, clean-cut jewellery that is guaranteed to stand the test of time will love an engagement ring made from this metal.

White Gold

If it is a diamond ring you’re looking for, white gold is one of the most popular choices of metal. It looks super classy and is a mix between yellow gold, silver, palladium and zinc – a real recipe or beauty.

Rose Gold

This dreamy coloured metal is very up and coming in the engagement ring market. If your girlfriend is a girly girl who loves anything with a feminine touch, then a trendy rose gold engagement ring could be the perfect pick.

Yellow Gold

Yellow old is one of the most traditional ring metals around and is 75% pure gold. This ring metal is perfect for women who like a classic jewellery look.

Choosing the Shape – Diamonds

The diamond shape is really important because it will define the overall look of the engagement ring you buy. There are 12 main shapes when it comes to diamonds for an engagement ring.


Round brilliant cut diamonds have a certain sparkle to them that’s enhanced by the cut. It’s a more traditional shape for a diamond and is extremely popular for engagement rings.


The radiant cut diamond has a square shape with cropped, flat corners – it’s a really unique design for a diamond and is perfect if your other half likes quirky jewellery.


Following a similar style to the round diamond, the oval shape and facets in this design allow more light to pass through, giving it an extra sparkly finish.


If your partner likes a vintage style of jewellery, consider the emerald cut diamond. It’s stylish, sleek and is made from a technique which was originally only used to cut emeralds.


The princess cut diamond is another really popular choice for engagement rings. The sharp, square cut looks gorgeous on its own, but is also really pretty when put alongside other princess cut diamonds.


Otherwise known as the teardrop diamond, the pear shape is much more unusual. It’s a more quirky take on the round brilliant cut diamond and is perfect if your partner wants something a little different.


The trillion cut diamond, also known as trilliant cut, is a triangular-shaped sparkler which is more commonly used as an accent stone – but looks gorgeous standing alone on an engagement ring too.


The baguette diamond is a slim, rectangular diamond which look really gorgeous either side of an emerald cut diamond. The slim shape will give the engagement ring a unique twist that’s not commonly seen.


The heart diamond is perfect for the hopeless romantic. It’s perfect for a girly girl and takes a really skilled cutter to create the exact symmetry needed to perfect this shape.


Often referred to as pillow cut diamonds, the cushion shape is similar to a princess cut, but with much softer edges.


Similar to the radiant cut diamond, the asscher shape has more step-cuts to it, giving it even more edges for the light to bounce off – making it a really sparkly design!


Last, but by no means least, comes the marquise diamond shape. It’s stylish, chic and is also referred to as a navette, meaning ‘little boat’.

Wedding Rings

Now that you’re getting married or entering into a Civil Partnership, why not let us take care of producing your dream ring, custom-made specifically for you.

Whether you’re looking for traditional wedding bands, modern wedding bands, platinum or rose gold wedding rings, we can design and create anything you like. All our rings are made to order and can be tailored to your liking.

Why not pop into our Boutique store in Matakana to discuss the unlimited variations of which you can have it made, from metal colour and type to thickness and height, the settings and finger size. you can also have your wedding ring fitted to your engagement ring so the two complement each other.

For more information or a friendly chat to discuss your wedding jewellery requirements, contact us or visit us at our Boutique store in Matakana.